Business Growth and Exit Strategies - Introducing Impact Advisors with Chris Bodnar

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Welcome back to the Of Impact podcast, where we dive deep into the mechanics of business growth and exit strategies, entrepreneurship growth, and everything in between!

In this episode, we're honored to introduce Impact Advisors, spearheaded by Chris Bodnar! Chris is one of our closest personal advisors who helped us with business growth and exit strategies when we went to sell Live Infinitely. 

Chris is a seasoned finance expert and is now with Of Impact to share his treasure trove of investment banking insights, venture capital wisdom, and private equity strategies.

If you've ever wondered about business valuation techniques or the best approach to selling a business successfully, Chris is here to break it down for us!

Chris's journey is nothing short of inspiring. With a robust background in financial advisory for businesses, he's the go-to guy for understanding the economic impact on business sales and making complex concepts like startup exit planning seem like a breeze. His experiences span from early venture capital investments in giants like Amazon to guiding small and medium-sized businesses toward lucrative exits.

During our chat, Chris shared invaluable insights into preparing your business for the market. He emphasized the importance of having your operations, financials, HR, and legal matters in stellar shape to boost valuation. But it's not just about internal readiness; Chris also touched on how external factors, such as inflation and interest rates, influence the timing and success of selling your business successfully.

One of Chris's recent successes shines a light on the dynamic nature of the market, even amid high interest rates, proving there's always an appetite for well-positioned businesses.

As he often says, "The best businesses are bought, not sold."

Chris walked us through the art of negotiation, highlighting the critical role of finding a buyer who sees the true value of your business beyond just the numbers.

But it's not all business; Chris opened up about the emotional journey of business exit strategies. He stressed the significance of partnering with a trusted advisor through this process, something he's passionate about in his collaboration with Of Impact.

This partnership is all about Chris sharing his expertise in entrepreneurship growth, financial advisory for businesses, and his rich knowledge in venture capital and private equity to help business owners achieve their dreams.

For anyone in the trenches of entrepreneurship growth or pondering their startup exit planning, this episode is packed with practical advice, deep dives into business valuation techniques, and Chris Bodnar's firsthand experiences in the field.

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