How to Build a Community for Your eCommerce Brand

Alicia Reynoso Alicia Reynoso
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In this episode, watch a replay of Alicia's speech at the Sellers Summit conference 2023 'How to Build a Community for Your eCommerce Brand' - where she shares the story of creating an eight-figure e-commerce brand from a simple product - water bottles. She details how implementing thoughtful initiatives like "The 60 Day Hydration Challenge" fostered a community around their brand, resulting in increased customer loyalty and business growth. 

Alicia emphasizes how understanding and sincerely caring about their customer's journey yielded a surge of user-generated content. Tune in to learn how creating an engaged community can be a powerful tool in your brand's growth.

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Hi I'm Alicia Reynoso. I believe that as leaders and as entrepreneurs, we have an obligation to genuinely & authentically serve our customers.

I'd like to share with you the story of how we built our brand to 8-figures and created one of the most engaged communities for our brand in the industry!

We launched our brand back in 2014 - and while we saw great success in the first few years. We hit a plateau around 2018. 

At this point, we realized that if we wanted to continue to grow, we couldn't keep doing what we were doing.

So we paused and took a BIG step back. That's when we realized, we didn't actually know WHO are customer was and WHAT they desired. 

That was our problem. 

It wasn't some hack, a better Shopify App or reinventing our entire brand that was going to help us.

It was simply a matter of shifting our mindset to - "how can we better serve our customers... And help them achieve their dream outcome... even if they don't pay us?"

We just needed to go DEEPER with them.

But the problem was... we were still a small team of 3. So how could we "overdeliver" when we didn't have the time and resources?

That's when I thought of creating a 60 Day Challenge. 

This gave us a systemized way to absolutely transform the lives of our customers and genuinely serve them, with just 3 things:

  1. a Facebook Group

  2. a thoughtfully designed Challenge

  3. & by being myself

I was SO nervous. Would anyone like this? Am I in over my head? 

The outcome?

Our community didn't just grow; it exploded with engagement and loyalty 👇

By the first day of the first challenge, I knew I struck gold. And the best part? 

I could manage it by myself. We didn't need to hire a large team or invest a lot of money. And instantly, by the first challenge, we had completely transformed our business...

Our community gave us results such as:

In Conclusion

Strategically structured challenges indeed drive higher user engagement, making all aspects of community management significantly easier. As Alicia demonstrated, transforming your customers' lives comes with an endless supply of user-generated content, transforming your life in the process!

The brand also yielded an army of ambassadors and a roadmap for growth. And crucially, it nurtured a reservoir of mutual trust and respect between the company and the customers. This emphasizes the famous saying by Zig Ziglar, "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." 

Fundamentally, running a challenge can create a gust of fresh air in your community, strengthening ties with your customers, and nurturing genuine testimonials that will undoubtedly give your brand an edge. Remember, it is changing lives, and in the process, your life will indeed change too.

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