What's Working In eCommerce Right Now: Alicia and Shad's 1st Group Coaching Call

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We touched on a lot of different topics in this episode since it was a group coaching, so definitely give it a listen when you have a chance! We go over what's working in eCommerce right now: from customer targeting, paid ads, and cross-platform success! If you can't listen to the whole thing at the moment, check out our summary below 👇

The digital age has opened up a world of opportunities for businesses, providing a ton of new platforms and strategies for reaching potential customers. However, cutting through the noise and reaching your target audience can be a daunting task, especially if you're unclear about your ideal customer avatar.

In this call, we talked about just a FEW of the different ways we've found to successfully target the right audience and build a profitable business.

Defining Your Customer

One of the most crucial steps in business marketing involves defining your ideal customer.

Deciphering the market can be challenging, especially if your product or service can apply to a diverse demographic.

No matter what strategy you decide to go with to define your customer, you want to take the guesswork out and allow data to guide the way.

If you have an email list or a community, use it to your advantage! Run surveys and polls, or ask for more information about who your customer is and products they'd like to see.

What you really need to know is your customer's pain points, the benefits they're seeking, and challenges they're facing getting to their desired states.

Knowing this will allow you to create ads that scale and a business plan that matters.

Using Paid Ads to Define Your Customer

This is the strategy we're seeing the MOST success with right now. Letting an ad show US which message converts completely changed our idea of who wanted our products, which changed which products we're creating and more.

You want to let Facebook, for example, test your message.

Launching campaigns based on different user pains and benefits can provide insights into what is resonating with your audience, forming the blueprint for your ongoing strategy.

Remember, the aim is to create ads that spark engagement and drive conversion - mirroring Facebook's own goals.

The Power of Cross-Platform Selling

We also covered a common question we get: Does your business NEED to be on Amazon?

Most of the time, yes. It is now more common than ever for people to shop between platforms. This especially holds true for Amazon, which is often used by buyers to validate a brand.

Hence, regardless of where you focus your main selling efforts, having a presence on Amazon can be incredibly beneficial. Furthermore, running Google Ads to your Amazon storefront can jumpstart sales and improve rankings.

Striking the Right Balance

A significant challenge many businesses face when attempting to expand their operations is getting caught up in rapid scaling and launching too many products at the same time. This can lead to cash flow problems and potential bankruptcies.

Instead, a more methodical approach should be adopted. Observing the performance of your products and adjusting accordingly can help maintain a healthy balance.

Remember, the key to building a successful business lies in understanding your customer, fine-tuning your messaging, and using the resources at your disposal judiciously. Taking one step at a time and learning from the data you gather can help steadily guide your business towards profitability and growth.

At the end we mention taking consulting clients, and that program is officially up and running! If you want advice more personalized to YOUR business, book a free 15 minute call with Alicia and Shad here.

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